BLU Deejay VE

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BLU Deejay VE
Unlimited Internet and Mobile Calls to USA & Europe for $1/day!
Don't get ripped off by greedy cellphone companies. Flat rate Talk, Text, and Internet in Venezuela! 
Ready to call immediately, no registration with your passport required!
So you're headed to Venezuela and want to avoid $2.59+ USD per MINUTE roaming fees – or worse, $20 USD per MEGABYTE internet charges? Want to stay connected friends, family, and business associates back home? Need a phone that will summon the police, fire department, and medical professionals from the palm of your hand?

I've been in your exact situation and I'm here to help!

This complete calling and internet package works immediately right out of the box. Simply pick up the phone and start calling, It really is that simple!
The moment you're in Venezuela you'll have crystal clear coverage in over 98.3% of the country and fast GPRS internet access!
Your brand new BLU Deejay handset offers tremendous value at a rock bottom price. The moment you pick up this phone you'll realize it's nearly indestructable - throw it off a mountain top and it'll still work like new. The vibrant, full colour display is easy to read in all lighting conditions and is great for text messaging. Best of all, you won't have to worry about damaging your expensive smartphone, or becoming a crime victim!
You can make dirt cheap domestic calls for $0.05 USD/minute, USA/Europe/Asia for $0.27 USD/minute!
 Need to reach people in other destinations? No problem!

Dirt cheap calls, worldwide!
Here are some of the key features:

•  Brand new, unlocked BLU Deejay Phone and Movistar SIM Card
•  Your own permanent phone number in Venezuela

  Works immediately, insert SIM card and start dialing

•  Call America & Europe as low as $0.27 USD/minute

•  No need to trust store employees with your passport

•  No contracts, credit checks, deposits, or personal information required

•  FREE incoming calls and voicemail

•  Ability to summon the police, fire department, and medical personnel immediately

You can easily and instantly add credit right over the internet or in person with a phone card!
(Full instructions are included with your order)
Although Venezuela is a gorgeous country with fantastic people, like anywhere else in the world there are individuals who will take advantage of foreigners. You might get overcharged, robbed, or sold defective merchandise. Purchase this phone and SIM from the convenience of your home and avoid the hassles, headaches, and frustration of hunting around a strange foreign country (not to mention language and cultural barriers: familiarize yourself with the phone when you're not tired, stressed, and jet lagged!).

This one is ready to call, zero headaches and zero hassles!
iPhone 4 and iPad SIM cards available, just mention when ordering! FREE adapter Included!

FREE Technical Support!
If you have any questions we’re here to help!

So What's Included? 


•  BLU Deejay Phone
  •  Calling Secrets eBook $34.95

•  Prepaid Movistar SIM Card

•  Starter Calling Credit

•  Configuration & Setup

•  Expedited Shipping
$  6.95

•  FREE Technical Support


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